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Explore the less crowded Manaslu region with stunning views of the 8th highest mountain to taste the true remoteness of Nepal

  • Group Size: 2-10 Persons
  • Trip Duration: 12 Days
  • Max. Altitude: 5106 M
  • Country: Nepal
  • Trip Start: Kathmandu
  • Trip End: Kathmandu
  • Trip Level: Adventures
  • Meals: No Meal
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Manaslu Circuit Trek, best known for its beautiful trails offers exclusive exposure to the unblemished splendor of the Manaslu region. It is one of the most popular off-the-beaten-path trekking destinations of Nepal. Mount Manaslu is the 8th highest mountain peak in the world. Manaslu trek designated as one of the top teahouse trekking destinations in Nepal. The Manaslu Circuit Trek leads through various Tibetan-style Buddhist villages such as Deng, Namrung, Samagaon, Samdo, and Dharamsala encountering marvelous rhododendron forests, flowers, and gushing rivers.

Manaslu Circuit Trek, widely regarded as one of Nepal’s premier trekking routes. Witness breathtaking Himalayan giants like Manaslu, Himlung Himal, Kanguru, Cheo Himal, Lamjung Himal, Ganesh Himal, Annapurna II, and more as you navigate this stunning landscape. However, this trek offers a unique opportunity to delve into Nepal’s cultural heartland while experiencing the awe-inspiring beauty of the Himalayas. Larkya La Pass (5106M) is the highest accessible point of this spectacular trek, and it is one of the most dramatic passes in the Himalayan realms. Furthermore, Pungyen Gompa is one of the best spots to catch spectacular glimpses of Mt. Manaslu and a fascinating attraction of this wonderful Manaslu circuit trek.

 In addition, The best season for Manaslu circuit trek is Spring, and Autumn when the skies are clear and the views are glorious. People with a good cardiovascular condition, average physical fitness, sound health, positive attitude, and strong determination are the only requirements to embark on this marvelous trekking in Nepal. To sum up, Join Royal Holidays Adventure to spend time with the indigenous communities and study the stimulating customs and birthright of Tibetan Buddhism and their lifestyle. You should have Knowledge of manaslu trek permit and manaslu trek cost. Both are equally important to read before you plan the trip.


Manaslu Circuit Trek Highlight

  • Cultural Enchantment:

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Buddhist traditions and the captivating Tibetan influence that permeate Manaslu villages.

  • Himalayan Grandeur:

Witness a breathtaking spectacle of Manaslu, Annapurna II, Himlung Himal, and countless other giants as you traverse this majestic region.

  • Untamed Beauty:

Escape the crowds and discover the pristine wilderness of the Manaslu Conservation Area. A haven for diverse wildlife and untouched landscapes.

  • Tea-House Charm:

Experience the warmth of Nepalese hospitality in cozy teahouses nestled amidst breathtaking scenery.

  • Challenge & Triumph:

Conquer high mountain passes and diverse terrains, pushing your limits and creating lasting memories.

  • Manaslu’s Embrace:

Hike to Manaslu Base Camp (4,400m) for a humbling experience surrounded by towering peaks and awe-inspiring glaciers.



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Day To Day Itinenary

Arrival on: Kathmandu | Departure from: Kathmandu
  • 1
    Drive from Kathmandu to Machhakhola via Sotikhola

    Duration: 8-9 hrs

    Altitude: 930M

    The drive from Kathmandu to Machhakhola is long yet quite adventurous across scenic landscapes, dirt roads, and magnificent countryside with vivid mountain views. Hence after an early breakfast, you will get on board a Public vehicle which will drive you through numerous vibrant villages and terraced fields. Until you reach Dhading Besi which is around 3 hours drive from Kathmandu, the road is snaky, paved, and smooth but onwards, the drive becomes entirely freaking exciting for adventure lovers. Crossing an important small town Arughat, you will reach Machhakhola via Sotikhola which is a prime destination for those trekkers who wish to do the Manaslu or Tsum Valley trek. Overnight in Machhakhola.

  • 2
    Trek from Maccha Khola to Jagat

    Duration: 5-6 hrs

    Altitude: 1,340M

    After breakfast today, you will begin hiking by crossing the Thado Khola through several ups and downs and takes you to Khorla Besi. Walking through similar trails, you will arrive at a village with natural hot springs known as Tatopani (literally Hot Water in Nepali). Climbing a valley ridge and then crossing the Budi Gandaki River over a suspension bridge, it is another ascent passing a landslide zone to reach Dobhan. From here, you get another opportunity to walk over a suspension bridge to reach Duman. Traversing through undulating paths several times and crossing several tiny rivers and suspension bridges, the rugged trails will lead you to Thado Bharyang (which means steep staircase in Nepali). Crossing the Budi Gandaki River one more time at Lauri and then gently walking along the riverside, you will arrive at Jagat, a small farming village with a decent number of stores and shops. Overnight in Jagat.

  • 3
    Trek from Jagat to Deng

    Duration: 6-7 hrs

    Altitude: 1,860M

    Today, it is required for you to complete the formalities of the ACAP process before leaving Jagat and walking towards Deng through rocky trails over a ridge to Salleri, and then gently descending to Sirdibas. Crossing the Ghatta Khola over a suspension bridge and following a rivulet along a long hanging bridge, you will arrive at Philim, a considerably large Gurung village. Hiking past this village through amazing fields of millet at Ekle Bhatti, you will bump into another check post. Climbing the steep gorge before walking along the Budi Gandaki and descending the fertile slopes, you will reach a Y-junction, one of which leads towards the Tsum Valley and another towards Manaslu. You will take the left route as you are heading towards Manaslu. It is at this point that the trails of the valley begin to widen and leads amidst bamboo forests to Deng Khola. It is a short walk from this river after crossing a bridge towards the eastern bank that will lead you to the minuscule hamlet of Deng. Overnight in Deng.

  • 4
    Trek from Deng to Namrung

    Duration: 6-7 hrs

    Altitude: 2,600M

    Today, your hike requires crossing the Budi Gandaki River several times before reaching the destination at Namrung. After breakfast, you will cross the river and climb up to Rana passing the track up till Bhi. Crossing Serang Khola and walking past canyons, it is a steep ascent before heading towards the curves of Ghap. Following the route through Prok village, you will be blessed with mesmerizing views of the Sringi Himal from a viewpoint, although there is an alternate route bypassing Prok village. Several Buddhist monasteries emanate inner peace to your soul during your tiresome saunter. Beautiful fir and rhododendron forests with countless species of birds twittering soothing tunes will definitely energize your day’s walk. You will finally arrive at the historical Namrung village following the river upstream and ascending on decently constructed staircases. You should not miss an opportunity to capture the tantalizing views of the Sringi Himal, Ganesh Himal and Mt. Himal Chuli from this excellent viewpoint. Overnight in Namrung.

  • 5
    Trek from Namrung to Samagaun

    Duration: 6-7 hrs

    Altitude: 3,520M

    Climbing steadily after a scrumptious breakfast through mani walls, fields of barley and potato, and forests of fir, rhododendron, and oak, you will reach a tiny village of Lihi. The trail droops beyond Lihi and you will enter the valley shrouded by Simnang Himal and Ganesh Himal. You will then pass petite dazzling villages of Sho, Lho, and Syala before you reach Samagaun. There are some beautiful paintings at the gate arches which you will observe while crossing Sho village which includes idiosyncratic houses and atypical costumes. You will have your lunch at Lho village and enjoy awe-inspiring views of Mt. Manaslu from the mani walls of the village. Exploring the Ribung Monastery that lies on a hill towards the west is worth a walk. While in Syala you will be captivated by the splendid views of the soaring mountain peaks including Manaslu, Himal Chuli, Ngadi Chuli aka Peak 29, and Ganesh Himal. Offering great cultural spectrum to empathize the Buddhist culture, the trip concludes in Samagaun today. Overnight in Samagaun.

  • 6
    Side trip to Manaslu base camp and Birendra glacier lake and overnight in Samagaun

    Duration: 5-6 hrs

    Altitude: 4,200M

    Today is the first acclimatization day after several days of spectacular hiking especially for getting to know higher altitudes on a closer prospect. It is also a perfect moment to get well accustomed to the prevailing Sherpa cultures in the vicinity of Samagaon. Besides opting to hike up to an old monastery, the Pungyen Gompa, lying atop a small hill, you may also hike up all the way through the base camp of Manaslu via the popular Birendra Lake. Today you will get ample opportunities to witness quite a bunch of Sherpa womenfolk in their traditional attires and iridescent ornamental make up. Overnight in Samagaun.

  • 7
    Trek from Samagaon to Samdo

    Duration: 3-4 hrs

    Altitude: 3,880M

    It is comparatively a shorter trekking day today, so after breakfast, you will kick off with a moderate climb to Budi Gandaki River traversing through yak paddocks. Continuing ahead, you will begin losing the inspiring views of Mt.Manaslu until you reach a junction, the left route leading towards Manaslu Base Camp and the right path on the Larkya La trail, the one you will be treading on surpassing numerous mani walls. You will arrive Kermo Kharka passing juniper and birch forests after crossing a wooden bridge over the infamous Budi Gandaki River one more time. After walking uphill for a while you will reach a white kani beyond which lies a very picturesque village dedicated to yak herding, the Samdo village. The village offers exciting evening walks with eye-catching views, but since the cold winds could assault you, you may need a jacket for the purpose. Overnight in Samdo.

  • 8
    Trek from Samdo to Dharamsala

    Duration: 3-4 hrs

    Altitude: 4,900M

    After a second acclimatization day at Samdo, you will begin the drop down on a broader trail after your breakfast. After crossing the reduced Budi Gandaki river over a wooden bridge, you will begin walking uphill till you cross two ravines on tapered trails and two streams from where you can catch a sight of the Larkya Glacier around the valley of the Salka Khola. Several trekking maps may have it asserted, but in reality, you won’t find any Larkya Bazaar. During ancient times, it is believed that the traders from Namche Bazaar traveled through Tibet to this place for the trading purpose, hence there used to exist a marketplace then. Some scattered stone huts during those times were supposedly a part of that trading market known collectively as Dharmashala and otherwise called the Larkya Phedi or the base camp. Here, you may meet trekkers who possibly crossed the Larkya Pass from Bimthang side. Overnight in Dharmashala.

  • 9
    Trek from Dharamsala to Bimthang via Larkey la Pass (5,106m)

    Duration: 8-9 hrs

    Altitude: 4,460M

    Today, you will climb consistently over a ridge behind Dharamsala towards the enormous flat glacial moraines of the Larkya Glacier. Astonishing views of Cho Danda and Larkya Peak can be perceived from this viewpoint. The climb may seem quite challenging due to the sheer rocky trails especially at the top of the moraine, though the climb is not technically difficult. Passing four frozen lakes while hiking downhill following the cairns and the metal snow poles, you will be doing a final steep climb up to Larkya La Pass which is blotched by colorful prayer flags. Outstanding views of Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, Kanguru and the gigantic Annapurna II will make your day a blessed one. Hiking downhill over the moraine and making a long vertical descent, you will now walk through loose gravel on a leveled path enclosed with grass. The route from here leads through a stunning valley gradually widening as you progress all the way to the picturesque Bimthang village. Overnight in Bimthang.

  • 10
    Trek from Bimthang to Dharapani

    Duration: 6-7 hrs

    Altitude: 2300M

    Today, you will cross the Bimthang glacier and high pastures following a path through a narrow valley till the highest cultivated land at Karche. You will get magnificent views of Mt. Manaslu, Lamjung Himal, Himlung Himal, and Cheo Himal during the walk today. The trail drops to the river bank from where a short walk will lead you to Gho, a Gurung settlement. Walking past the Gho village, the valley shows signs of greenery and fields along with forests of oak. You will then arrive at the village of Tilije. From here, you will ascend up a tiny ridge along the path paved with stones leading to a beautiful village. At Thonje village, you will need to pass a security checkpoint before continuing to Dharapani that lies in the Annapurna circuit segment. From Tilije, it is several hours of hike to reach Dharapani village passing through several police checkpoints. Overnight in Dharapani.

  • 11
    Drive from Dharapani to Besisahar

    Duration: 4-5 hrs

    Altitude: 760M

    Today, you will begin your journey to the next stop on a private vehicle. The road trip is going to be both a bone-jarring as well as a beautiful experience. Driving along the beautiful Marshyangdi River gorge, you will pass by travelers on the Annapurna trail. The road is very narrow with high cliffs on either sides of the bumpy track. You will encounter several waterfalls on the way spilling into the Marshyangdi River. During the drive, you will cross the villages of Chamje, Bahundanda and Bhulbhule, where you may stop for lunch at any one of the villages. Before arriving at Besisahar, you will come across one check post where you stop to get your permits checked. Overnight in Besisahar.

  • 12
    Drive from Besisahar to Kathmandu

    Duration: 4 - 5 hr

    Altitude: 1300M

    Bidding goodbye to the last mountain views of Lamjung in the Annapurna range, you will drive back to Kathmandu. Driving on unpaved roads, you will cross small townships like Satbise, Udipur, Bhotedwar, Sundar Bazaar, Paundi, Turture, Bhansar, and Thimrabas to ultimately reach Dumre that connects the Prithvi Highway to Kathmandu. Driving along the broader paved highway through meandering roads with the mighty Trishuli River, terraced fields, and roadside shops, you will reach Kathmandu. On arrival at Kathmandu, you will be transferred to you hotel room where you would definitely want to relax and take a rest. Later in the evening, you may wander around the Thamel streets to do some souvenir shopping. Overnight in Kathmandu.

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Itinenary Note

This is a standard itinerary designed with a view to allow sufficient acclimatization period for trekkers. However, if you are not satisfied with this itinerary or wish to modify it according to your needs, we will happily do it for you. You are free to choose your own hotels, guides or porters if you wish to. We are always there to customize or tailor-make your trips as per your plans and convenience.

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What's Included

  • Kathmandu airport Pick up and Drop off
  • A professional, government Licensed trekking guide for 12 days
  • Manaslu restricted area special entry permit
  • Annapurna and Manaslu conservation area entry permit
  • All necessary ground transportation by Local bus and jeep (Kathmandu to Macha Khola by bus, Dharapani to Besisahar by sharing jeep and  Besisahar to Kathmandu by local bus)
  • 11-night accommodation in the mountain tea house
  • sleeping bag, water purification tablet and Duffel bag
  • All government vat and taxes

What's not Included

  • Food and accommodation in Kathmandu 
  • Foods during the trek (Easy to order your dish directly from Menu)
  • Porter for  for 12 days $250 (Optional)
  • Private jeeps $530 (Optional) (If  you want upgrade from Public bus to private jeep)

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Manaslu Circuit and Tsum valley trek

We are hikers from Europe. My friend Martin and me, we did 20 days long Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal. We really appreciate the responsible approach of Mr. Sandip in organization of our trip. He was helpful and friendly. He arranged for us the pickup and drop from/on airport for free. It was very nice gesture from him. Great thanks to Sandip!

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Awesome experience with Royal

Traveler: Eric Tan | Country: JP

Manaslu circuit trekking with Royal Holidays was an awesome experience. My guide was a very helpful person who was quite famous with the lodge owners on the route. Everything from food, transportation and accommodation was comfortable enough. I would love to come back to these people for more trekking in future and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to do budget friendly and comfortable trekking in Nepal.

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Pre-trip Info
Value for Money

Awesome Tsum and Manaslu

Traveler: Alex Jone | Country: GB

We were four in a group to the awesome Tsum valley and the Manaslu area. Right from the start, everything went very smoothly. Communication was highly personalized and email inquiries were promptly responded. Hundreds of our questions were answered by the Royals without hesitation. During the trek, we were assisted with a cheerful guide and a porter who were in fact, very very helpful and took care of all our...

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Pre-trip Info
Value for Money

Thank you Royal

Traveler: Alexey | Country: DE

I want to thank each person related to my trekking journey in Manaslu with a special mention of Sandip Dhungana my guide, and Laxman the porter who carried my baggage with an ever smiling face.  I must admit that I could have never completed this trek without them. Royal Holidays would be my recommendation to my circle of friends who wish to travel to Nepal.

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Awesome Manaslu experience.

Traveler: Marie Sei | Country: US

Manaslu circuit trek with Royal Holidays was an awesome experience. It was really great to be at a fascinating and amazingly beautiful location with the most friendly and helpful guide Nabaraj Tiwari. Sickness hit me one day before Larkye Pass but it was the patience and determination of Nabaraj Tiwari that I made it successfully. I have promised myself to do all my future journeys in the mountains of Nepal...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best time to do the Manaslu circuit trek?

    Manaslu Circuit trek can be done in any season of the year. However, the best trekking seasons in Nepal are autumn and spring. Autumn starts in September and goes until mid-November. Likewise, spring season stretches from early March till May end. During autumn and springtime, the sky remains clear and hence trekkers can enjoy a clear view of the majestic mountains. Manaslu region can also be visited during the monsoon season which falls between the months of June and September. The Manaslu region receives very little rainfall as compared to several other trekking regions making the weather warm and pleasant.

  • How challenging is the Manaslu circuit trek?

    For trekkers with previous experience, the Manaslu Circuit Trek isn’t difficult. But for those who are new to trekking the trek has several challenges. First thing, one should be physically fit and have good health. There are lots of strenuous sections on the trail so one needs to have the endurance of walking long hours in the hilly and mountainous terrain. 15 to 20 km of walking needs to be considered every day comprising of steep ascents and harrowing descents. Sufficient acclimatization days are set aside to cope with the increasing altitude.

  • Why is a trekking guide necessary for Manaslu circuit trek?

    In accordance with the government policies, some trekking areas in Nepal including Manaslu circuit trek require to have a restricted area permit mandatorily with a trekking guide or a guide cum porter or both. As trekking in Manaslu region touches the bordering area with Tibet, Nepal immigration law requires to have at least one government authorized person with a trekker at such restricted areas. Hiring a porter is not compulsory if a trekker wishes to carry his own backpack.

  • What kinds of permits are necessary for Manaslu circuit trek?

    The following types of permits are required for Manaslu circuit trek:

    • Restricted area permit

    US$ 100 per person for one week (September to November); an additional US$ 10 per person per day after the first week.

    US$ 70 per person for one week (December to August); an additional US$ 10 per person per day after the first week.

    • Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP)

    NPR 3000 per person during all seasons. The permit is valid from Philim up till Tal.

    • Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP)

    NPR 3000 per person during all seasons.

    For more details on permits required for Manaslu Circuit trek, click here.

  • What kind of food and accommodation should I expect in the Manaslu region?

    As Manaslu region lies in a remote location of Nepal, it is not possible to avail luxury accommodation during the trip. We provide our trekkers ordinary but the best available lodges or teahouses for accommodation that are run by the local people. A warm and reliable sleeping bag is a must while trekking in the Manaslu area. There are not many items on the menu for food. The most popular staple food of the locals is Dal, Bhat and Curry, which is steamed rice, with lentil soup and seasonal vegetables. However, if one wishes to choose from a menu, the options are not much.

  • What are the packing lists for Manaslu trek?

    The following are the items required during the Manaslu trek:


    • Headscarf/Bandana
    • Sunhat
    • Woolen or synthetic hat that covers the ears
    • Headlamp & extra batteries
    • Proper sunglasses


    • Half sleeve and full sleeve shirts
    • Light thermal tops
    • Waterproof shell jacket
    • Windcheater
    • Down jacket
    • Non-cotton underwear
    • Sports bra
    • Baselayer
    • Hiking shorts and trousers
    • Lightweight thermal bottoms
    • Fleece or woolen trousers
    • Waterproof shell pants

    Hands & Feet

    • Poly-liner gloves
    • Fleece or woolen gloves
    • Mittens
    • Thin lightweight inner socks
    • Heavy poly or wool socks
    • Hiking boots
    • Trainers, running shoes or sandals
    • Gaiters

    Sleeping bag & Rucksack

    • Sleeping bag
    • Optional sleeping bag liner
    • Duffel bag
    • Medium rucksack (daypack/backpack) with good shoulder padding
    • Padlocks for duffel bag/backpack
    • Backpack cover


    • Personal first-aid kit
    • Water purification tablets
    • Aspirin, anti-diarrhea and anti-headache pills
    • Band-aid, tapes, and plasters
    • Cough & cold medicine
    • Anti-altitude sickness pills like Diamox or Acetylzolamide
    • Antibiotics: Ciprofloxacin
    • Isotonic powder
    • Earplugs
    • Extra pair of prescription glasses or contact lens


    • Quick-drying towels
    • Wet wipes, tissues, and toilet rolls
    • Lip balm
    • Toothpaste/brush
    • Multi-purpose soap/shampoo
    • Deodorants
    • Nail clippers
    • Face and body moisturizers
    • Foot powder/cream
    • Anti-bacterial handwash or sanitizers
    • Female hygiene products
    • Small looking mirror

    Miscellaneous Items

    • Sewing repair kit / Repair tape
    • Alarm clock
    • Optional GPS or compass
    • Ziplocs (large)
    • Water bottles
    • Folding knife
    • Lighter or matchbox
    • Games like chess, card, etc.
    • A digital camera with extra batteries and storage card
    • Waterproof & disposable garbage sacks
    • Guide book/ Trail map
    • Voltage converter
    • Plug adaptor
    • Notebook and pen
    • Portable charger
    • Money

    Important Documents

    • Valid passport
    • Extra passport size photos & airline tickets
    • Photocopies of passport
    • Proof of insurance
    • Credit/Debit cards
  • Can solo trekkers do the Manaslu circuit trek?

    Solo trekkers can independently trek in the lower Manaslu region as a special permit is not required here. However, trekking in the upper Manaslu region cannot be done solo. As per the government laws of Nepal, one must trek in a group of at least two persons and be accompanied by a registered trekking guide through a licensed trekking agency. In cases when a trekker cannot find a partner, a ghost permit can be acquired which means the trekker will pay the permit fees of two trekkers and proceed with the trek.

  • I have heard about road construction in the Manaslu region. Is it correct?

    The current road construction that is supposed to link Soti Khola with the Tibetan border is going on. A dirt road has been completed between Soti Khola to Machha Khola village but vehicles haven’t started plying on these roads yet. The roadway construction between Machha Khola and Jagat has already been initiated but it has not affected the trekking route.

  • I am on a budget. What is my cheapest option to take on the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

    Using public transportation to the trailhead and back will certainly cut down your trekking cost to some extent. Private vehicles from Kathmandu will cost around US$ 150-200 one way while getting on a local bus will cost less than US$ 10 one way. Another way to bring down the cost will be hiring just a guide without a porter – which means you will have to carry your bags on your own.

  • Is the Manaslu trekking route as crowded as Annapurna and Everest regions?

    No, the Manaslu trekking route is not as crowded as Everest and Annapurna regions. Even during the peak seasons, the area is less crowded owing to its remote location and the requirement of special kinds of permits. Also because individual trekkers are not permitted entrance in the restricted area.

  • Is it possible for me to go to Pokhara or Chitwan from the trek finishing point?

    Yes, after completing the trek, it is possible for travelers to head towards Pokhara or Chitwan. We will provide you the transportation system.


Registered with the company registration office under Nepal Government

Member of Trekking Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN)

Licensed by Nepal Tourism Board & Department of Tourism

Member of Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA)