Tibet Tours

Immerse in cultural magnificence

Dramatic snow-peaked mountains looming over vast plains, meandering highways sneaking their way through high passes titivated with colorful flags, and glittering turquoise lakes standing in the shadows of centuries-old glaciers, the forbidden land Tibet has good reasons to be nicknamed as the ‘Roof of the World’. The average elevation exceeds 4,500 meters and the plateau is almost five times the size of France making it the highest as well as the largest plateau in the world. Abode to several of the world’s tallest peaks amidst the stunning natural landscapes, Tibet remains a resilient land fortified by a rich culture and deep faith in Buddhism. To get the maximum from this incredible part of the globe, one must embark on a ride to have glimpses of the elemental beauty of this tourism-restricted autonomous region. Although independent travel is curbed, foreign travelers need to prearrange a tour through registered operators to acquire a tourism bureau permit (TTB). Tibet’s highlights and traveler’s delight in this mystical country include magnificent monasteries rich with the aroma of yak-butter tea and prayer halls of chanting monks at Sera, Drepung, Rongbuk, Ganden, and Tashi Lhunpo. The streets of Lhasa, Shigatse, Gyantse, and Tsedang that are lined with prayer wheels are reminiscences that nobody can snatch what is truly Tibetan. Drive to the Everest Base Camp on the Friendship Highway is nothing less than a spectacular moment as is the destination. The scenery along the way features winding valleys like Yarlung, high passes like Karo La, heavenly lakes like Yamdrok Tsho, vast grasslands, meadows and windswept mountain vistas. A mere visit to the legendary Potala and Norbulingka Palaces, the iconic landmarks of Lhasa is a truly vivid experience.