Privacy Policy

Commitment of Royal Holidays on Data Protection

We understand the concerns of our clients about how their data may be stored, sent or used by us. We respect every individual’s privacy so we are committed to abiding all data protection laws ensuring complete privacy and security of the information that we acquire from our loyal customers. Neither do we rent or sell any of our client’s details nor do we buy or rent information of any type from third parties. If any person receives any sort of information from Royal Holidays, it is merely because they opted to hear from us at regular intervals, or they joined our mailing list or subscribed for our periodic newsletters. Whenever our clients wish to opt out, they will be removed from all our database and no longer receive any of our regular updates and travel information. This privacy policy gives details about how Royal Holidays collect and use personal information of our guests. Therein, we clarify the various information types that we collect, the methods of collection, how and why we use the collected information, and with whom we most likely would share their information.

What Information do we collect?

We try as much as possible to collect only the essential information required during the travel program of our customers. The information that we collect depends on how our clients interact with us. For instance, if individuals are booking a trekking holiday or a cultural tour with us, then it is most likely that we will seek for more information rather than if they’re just requesting for a travel catalog. The basic information that we collect from the clients is their first and last names, marital status, gender, e-mail address, contact number, date of birth, reasons for travel, particular travel preferences or any other specific requirements. Besides, we also collect the payment and bank details, and card details only after striking a deal and making a holiday booking with us. Furthermore, we may also ask our customers to provide details about their passports or identity cards including the passport number, country of issuance and the expiry date. We do tend to collect special types of data that is deemed sensitive especially for those who wish to book trekking and climbing adventures with us. The information is related to race, ethnic origin, political views, religion, philosophy, sexual preferences, criminal record or health issues – we need to know their dietary requirements, any pre-medical conditions, fitness status or any recent medical complications. By collecting this information, we are able to ensure whether the trip is suitable or any adjustments need to be made. It is our concern to try to collect the minimum personal data from our clients as far as possible.

How do we collect the information we need?

We may collect your information through direct interactions such as by filling in booking forms or by corresponding with us through emails or phone calls. The information provided to us through these interactions includes customer’s identity, contact details or financial data. We collect these data when clients tend to book or search for trips through our website. The data is also collected when individuals fill in part of the booking information on our site but do not complete the booking. Collecting information is also done while they request for a catalog or a brochure, sign up for our newsletters or email updates, or participate in any of our promotions via social media platforms.

 What is the information used for?

Under the legal procedures, we are permitted to use personal information only if we need to execute a contract we have with our customers, or else when we have the consent to use them. Otherwise, we use the collected information of an individual to manage their booking with us. This involves flight bookings, hotel reservations, tour management, transportation services or any other special assistance that our clients may seek. The information is also used to contact clients to convey instructions, send communications about their booking and support services. The kinds of information usually entailed are e-mails responding to inquiries, providing flight information and tickets, and alerting about changes or customization of trip itineraries. The data collected when individuals fill in part of the booking information on our site but do not complete the booking are used by us to provide assistance with online bookings where clients may have been experiencing difficulties using our website. We will also use collected information to send the latest news, our offerings, sales, promotions that we consider to be relevant to our customers. We also use customers’ information to provide with a more personalized experience as well as improve our services. We make sure that we use the collected information only for the purpose for which our customers have requested. We do not disclose any information gathered from our clients to any third party without their prior consent.

Sharing customer’s personal data

Royal Holidays may share an individual’s personal information with third party suppliers who provide their bookings and our other services to them. These third parties include airlines, hotels, transport companies, booking agents, airport authorities, insurance companies or ground handling agencies. Other third party suppliers with whom we may need to share our customer’s information include companies running our marketing campaigns, IT developers, site analytics providers, and credit card screening companies. When individuals book for a multi-country tour with us, we need to provide the Advance Passenger Information to the border or immigration authorities of the country to which they are traveling to; it is usually the basic information contained in the passport.

What are the security threats?

Information of all individuals who communicate and interact with us through inquiry forms, emails or website bookings are normally stored on secure servers which are not publicly accessible. The personally identifiable information is made accessible only to the staff of Royal Holidays on a high-priority basis. Furthermore, none of the credit card details are stored on our database when individuals buy any of our products or book for a vacation trip with us from our website.

What are the options of opting out from our subscription?

It is only on the consent of our customers that we send them updates or monthly or fortnightly journals or newsletters. When our valued clients are satisfied with our services and register with us to receive digital versions of our communications including email updates, promotions, offers or brochures, we keep on sending every publication or updates to them. However, if our customers do not want to receive any of our offer letters, advertisements or announcements, they will be given an option to unsubscribe from us on every email that we send to them. Furthermore, our customers can verify the data that we possess and if required, make possible corrections to it. For the said purpose, they may contact us through our official email address.

Anonymous information and its use

Anonymous information is generally collected from every visitor to our website. The information includes the viewed pages, date and time of visit, and the browser from which the visitor surfed our website. IP addresses are used to find out the geographic region of the visitor and also the domain type. Royal Holidays does not associate any information about a visitor with his/her’s personal identity. We use the information to create anonymous behavioral reports. We use these reports to make sure that the content of our website is relevant and suitable for a wide range of internet users.

How does our website use cookies?

Our website uses cookies as visitors open the Royal Holidays page to check for any new package or get updates on our new itineraries. Visitors are free to set their browser to refuse or accept all or some cookies when prompted. Cookies allow us to collect anonymous click-stream information of its visitors. If cookies are disabled or refused by a user, it is to be noted that some part of the website may become inaccessible or will not function properly. We do not set persistent cookies to track return visitors, and all cookies are set to expire within 24 hours of browsing.

External links and E-mail links

Our website may contain various external links; when clicked by visitors, they are redirected to a different URL or a third party site. It is highly advised to read the privacy and disclaimer section of these externally linked sites before spending time or making purchases. We do not guarantee that the privacy policy of the externally linked sites is the same as ours; they may differ in several contexts. The e-mail links provided on our website allows visitors to contact Royal Holidays directly through our official email. We assure to use the information provided by visitors in their email only for the purpose of responding to their queries.

 Legal Disclaimer

We may need to divulge the personal information of our clients in certain circumstances so as to comply with our legal obligations, for example, to comply with the law and court orders or subpoenas served by the local legal authorities on Royal Holidays. We may have to share our clients’ information with other third parties (such as legal, accountants or other advisors, regulatory authorities, courts, and government agencies) to enable us to enforce our legal rights, or to protect the rights, property or safety of our employees or where such disclosure may be permitted or required by law.