Nature and scenic tours

Nature and scenic tours are the perfect tours if you are nature admirer and enthusiast for the phenomenon of nature. This tour will offer you the abounding elegance of nature and it is designed to let you experience the spectacular scenery of the Himalayas. One can never get enough of the beauty of nature, and this tour is boon for the quality to delve into nature and its beauty. The intriguing views of mountains, wildlife, rivers, landscape, forest and its greenery has never failed to pique travelers. You will come up with a whim to dive deeper with the mighty nature being spell-bounded to its beauty. For the nature-lover in you, the nature and scenic tours have been crafted carefully so that you are entitled to explore the natural beauty of this Himalayan nation. Prominent for its never-ending Himalayas, Nepal is one such destination which never fails to be in the bucket list of a genuine nature enthusiast. This particular tour allows its visitors to explore the natural splendor of Nepal without having to trek for several days in the mountainous vicinity.

Nagarkot and Pokhara are two places from where you can see the sun rising over the Himalayas and maybe even a glimpse of Mt. Everest on a clear day from Nagarkot and magnificent views of the Annapurna Range from Pokhara. Royal Holidays have crafted exclusive nature and scenic tours around Nepal heritage sites, picturesque and popular touristic spot of Bandipur, a scenic drive to Chitawan National Park, and many similar trips. We try to include a bit of every flavor of Nepal including its culture, nature, adventure, and pilgrimage in our nature and scenic tour packages.

If you wish to enjoy the grandeur of nature and escape from the pressures of urban life – we have a solution for you. If you wish to participate in conserving the environment of simply escape from humanity – we know what you want. If you desire to explore different landscapes, learn about the environment or if you want to experience outdoor adventures in a natural setting – no one else could do better than Royal Holidays.