Terms and Conditions

1. Your Holiday Contract

Your contract is with Royal Holidays (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”), a registered Company in Kathmandu, Nepal (Registration No…………………….). You will be referred to as “Client” hereafter. Please read the details of the terms and conditions of the booking agreement that governs the relationship between the client and the company. When we accept your booking, we make a legally binding contract to indicate the completion of the booking process wherein you agree to accept all of these terms and conditions. It is your acknowledgment that you have read the relevant guidelines mentioned including the cancellation policies and certain limitations of liability. The client and the company both agree to these conditions to settle any legal or non-legal issues or any sort of difference in opinion during the course of the entire trip.

2. Booking Your Trip

A Trip is defined as a product that a client purchases with the company. Trips include any activity or itinerary of the trekking tours, climbing tours, expeditions or various other adventurous activities or touring program. A booking is accepted and a contract will exist as soon as the company issues a confirmation invoice to the client. Prior to any booking confirmation or before a contract being enforced, the company reserves every right to revise the price quoted on the website or negotiated through email interactions, phone calls or any form of communication. Other than as expressed herein, the company is not liable to any warranty, collateral treaty, prior settlement, and description of services or other conditions. After you receive the booking confirmation and your travel documents from the company, please check the details carefully and inform us immediately if any information is incorrect and needs to be amended. MAKE SURE THAT THE NAMES ON ALL THE TRAVEL DOCUMENTS MUST EXACTLY MATCH THOSE IN YOUR PASSPORTS. For any holiday trip where an additional local payment is required, the company will intimate you accordingly. A local payment is a part of your trip cost that may be required to be paid directly to the local representatives as instructed.

3. Requirement of Advance Deposit

If clients want to book any trip within Nepal, it is required from them to make a non-refundable advance deposit amounting to 25% of the total trip cost. This advance payment is to be done during the time of booking your trip. The remaining amount of the trip cost can be paid after arriving in Nepal but before the start of the trip. If the client wishes to make full payment before arriving in Nepal, we have several options to do so which is mentioned under Methods of Payment. The non-refundable 25% of the advance deposit should be sent to the company or its agent as advised by the company. However, please note that if you have customized your trip, the initial advance deposit may be higher than the stated 25% or even full payment may be needed to be done during the booking phase.
Similarly, if clients want to book any trip in Bhutan, Tibet or India, it is required from them to make a non-refundable advance deposit amounting to 25% of the total trip cost plus the airfares from Kathmandu to these countries (i.e. if the clients want the company to arrange their flights) not less than 3 weeks of the trip departure date. If the client books with us lesser than 3 weeks time prior to the actual departure date, then full payment has to be done during the time of booking. Please note that your trip price will not be considered to have been paid in full until any local payments have been made.

Methods of Payment

For all payments, clients have the options to make a bank transfer or pay through Credit Card (Visa or Master Card). Kindly follow the information provided on the booking form.

1) Payment by Credit Card (Master Card or Visa)

Complete the required details in the form including your card details, signature (same as in your passport & Credit Card). Fax (at……………….) or email the filled form to Royal Holidays. Your credit card will be charged by ……………bank (Credit Card Division) on behalf of Royal Holidays.
Note: Do not send the form details directly to ………..bank. Please also send a copy of your passport or any ID copy along with the filled form.
4% surcharge is charged when payment is done with a credit card.

2) Payment via Wire/Bank Transfer

Our Bank details for Wire transfer:
Name of the beneficiary: Royal Holidays
Address of the beneficiary: Z-street, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Banker’s Name:
Banker’s address:
Account No:
Account type
Swift Code:

Note: We are in no way liable towards delay or loss during the process of transfer. In cases due to use of mediator bank or any other reasons, we receive less amount of money than the amount you sent, you are requested to pay accordingly the difference in the amount upon arrival in Nepal so that the total is equal to the cost of the product you purchased.

4. Client Cancellation Policy

The clients may cancel their trips booked with us at any time. Written notification must be made and sent to the company and get acknowledged. Since the company incurs various costs in canceling your trip, you will have to pay the cancellation charges as determined by the date of your cancellation request received by the company. The cancellation charges as determined by the company’s policy is stated as follows:


Time of notifying the cancellation before departure Cancellation Charge
More than 80 days No refund. The deposit will be transferred to a new future booking within the next 15 months.
Between 61 to 80 days 50% of the total trip cost.
Between 41 to 60 days 60% of the total trip cost.
Between 21 to 40 days 80% of the total trip cost.
Less than 21 days 100% of the total trip cost

1) Your advance deposit is non-refundable. Even if the cancellation charge is lower than your deposited amount, there will be no refunds made.
2) Consult with your insurance company to cover any cancellation charges before actually confirming your booking with us. If for any reasons, you might cancel your trip, you can reclaim the cancellation charges with your insurance company.
3) You will receive a full refund of your payment if the carriage of passengers to your destination is affected by unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances. For the purpose of these terms and conditions, “unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances” include but are not limited to war, the threat of war, unexpected airport or airspace closures, epidemic reasons, outbreak of a serious disease at the travel destination, natural or nuclear disaster, terrorist activities, civil unrest or serious security problems.
4) When a client voluntarily leaves a trip midway (after the trip has begun) for whatever reasons, there will be no refunds made by the company for services not utilized such as accommodation, transport, meals or local tours.

5. Client Booking Change Policy

After receiving a booking confirmation from the company, if a client wishes to modify certain arrangements in any way, like departure date, accommodation type or transportation type and so on, we will try to adjust with your requested modifications, which may not always be feasible. For making changes in booking, the client must send a written request to the company clearly stating the change. The client will need to make an additional administrative payment of US$ 100 per person, and any extra cost that may be incurred during the process of modifying. Please note that the administrative charge and the extra cost during the process of modifying your trip could increase with the number of days remaining for departure, so it is advised to inform the company for any changes as soon as possible.

1) Not all arrangements are guaranteed to be changed. After a reservation has been made, certain travel programs may be unchangeable and in such cases, any alteration request from you could incur a cancellation charge of up to 100% of that part of the arrangement.
2) A client can transfer his/her booking to another person by sending us a written request at least 15 days before departure. It is mandatory that the person satisfies all the conditions that apply to the booking terms and conditions. Please stay aware that certain airlines and transport providers treat changes as a cancellation and may charge accordingly. In such cases, we are not liable for the extra cost that you may have to bear.

6. Company Cancellation Policy

The company reserves the right to cancel bookings of their clients. We will make sure not to cancel any trip less than 3 weeks before your departure date, except for unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances (as defined in clause 4) or failure by you to pay the deposit and/or final balance amount. Royal Holidays will refund the trip cost in such cases of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances or you will be entitled to accept an alternative trip of the same value or similar. We will refund any price difference if the alternative trip is of a lower value or you will pay the difference if the trip is of a higher value. The company is in no way responsible for any incidental expenses or substantial losses such as visa handling, vaccinations, flight tickets, loss of earnings or loss of enjoyment etc.

7. Company Booking Change Policy

(a) Changes in Product Price:

In certain circumstances, the company can change the product cost after the clients have done the booking. These cases may be due to the change in the price of the carriage of passengers arising from a change in fuel cost or other power sources, taxes levied by the third parties, tourist taxes, and airport taxes etc. However, you will not be charged for any increase that is equivalent to 2% of the trip cost and which excludes insurance costs. Similarly, if the price of the trip drops down due to any reasons, then any refunds will be made to you. From this refund, we will only deduct the administrative charges incurred. It must be noted that your holiday trip is not always purchased in local currency and some apparent changes have no impact on the price of your travel.

(b) Changes other than the Product Price:

The company can make changes to any aspect of the client’s booking as mentioned in the booking terms. We will notify about any changes if the change is unimportant such as alterations in the time of your outward, onward or return flights by less than 10 hours, changes in domestic flight carrier, and changes in accommodation to another similar or upgraded standards. You will be contacted to be informed about the trivial changes and you have all rights to accept or reject the changes and get all applicable refunds or switch to an alternative trip as mentioned earlier. If you fail to respond to our notification regarding the changes within a given time frame, we will be bound to cancel your booking. Apart from the significant changes arising due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances and situations beyond our control, we will provide a full refund to you.

8. Medical complications and other special prerequisites

If a client requires special attention in the context of the medical conditions he/she may be undergoing, it is advised that the company be intimated about the complications at the time of booking a trip with us. Physically challenged conditions, mentally instability or any other physical impediments of the clients could affect appropriateness to travel with us. If the company is not informed about such conditions during the time of booking, the client may be refused traveling to certain areas which are deemed risky and hazardous to the person with a particular medical complication. During such cases, no refunds will be made for the services not utilized due to their condition and it could result in cancellation a part or the whole of the trip with 100% cancellation fees to the client. We operate several trips in the mountainous regions which may not be suitable to clients due to their age, mobility, pregnancy or some physical or mental state of affairs. Thus, it is the sole liability of the client to check with us before proceeding to confirm their booking. The company is not obliged to endow with any particular provisions unless notified prior to booking and unless the company has agreed to do so in a written statement.

9. Adventure Travel Warning

We operate various adventurous trips in regions where the standard of accommodation, transport, safety, hygiene, medical facilities, and other infrastructure could possibly be below the expectations of the clients. We accept your booking after understanding that you are well aware and realize the hazards involved in adventurous holidays in remote corners of the country. The hazards include major or minor injuries, any sort of disease, loss or damage to your personal property, difficulties and distress. The outline itinerary presented on our website for every trip is an indication of what clients need to accomplish, and not as a contractual commitment on our part. It is to be understood by our clients that mountain adventures are always unpredictable causing delays in domestic flights owing to bad weather. For flight delays owing to bad weather prior to your trip, Royal Holidays will meet the costs of accommodation and food (lunch and breakfast) in the departing city. However, the company is not responsible to bear any additional costs owing to delayed return flights. Clients can make alternative arrangements to avoid flight delays such as helicopter fly back for which the additional cost will be borne by the client. The company is not liable to bear any additional expenses of the clients that may result due to the missed international flight. However, it will assist in all processes to make alternative arrangements wherever probable. Changes in itinerary may occur due to local political disruptions, flight cancellations, mechanical breakdown, border constraints, personal illness, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances.
Please stay assured that we along with our local representatives, agencies and service providers always do the best to ensure a client’s safety and well being during the entire trip.

10. Travel Insurance

Acceptable as well as valid travel insurance is mandatory for all travelers who book their trip with us. It is a significant condition of accepting your booking after you agree to get adequate and valid travel insurance. Royal Holidays does not sell or make arrangements for a client’s travel insurance policy. The clients’ insurance must cover accidents, injury, illness, and death medical expenses which may include any pre-existing medical complications, emergency helicopter evacuation or air ambulance wherever applicable. We recommend our clients to take out insurance as soon as their booking is confirmed and strongly advise to insure yourself against any possible risk that may occur. We also advise clients to carry proof of insurance with them while traveling so that they are able to produce it wherever and whenever requested reasonably. It is our recommendation to the clients to include trip cancellations, curtailment, and loss of luggage and personal effects in their insurance policy. The company will not be responsible for costs clients may incur as a result of not having valid or adequate travel insurance. It remains the sole liability of our clients to proclaim all facts including medical conditions to their travel insurance company. Failing to comply with the policies of the insurance company could result in a claim that could be reduced or totally turned down.

11. Visa, Passport, Immigration, Health and Travel Requirements

It is the responsibility of our clients to manage their specific visa, passport, and other immigration requirements. All these travel documents should be confirmed by the clients in their respective Embassies or Consulates as the company will not accept any responsibility if the clients are unable to travel owing to the non-compliance with any visa, passport or immigration procedures. Clients should take note that their passport is valid for at least six months at the time of start of their trip. For some trips on a multi-country tour, the company needs to request for special permits, and as such we will require the clients’ passport details before accepting their holiday booking. Additionally, if a client renews his/her passport after confirming booking with us, they are advised to carry their old passport with them to maintain the validity of the permit. Nepal visa is available on arrival at the International Airport in Kathmandu whereas, for Bhutan and Tibet travel, the company can assist or make necessary arrangements upon request from the client. For travel to India, the client needs to acquire the visa from their native country; we cannot assist in getting for them the Indian visa.
The company and their staff including consultants are not medical experts, however, we can advise on mandatory health requirements before traveling to Nepal. It is the responsibility of the client to obtain detailed medical advice to travel from their physician well ahead to their travel date. Clients with existing medical issues, pregnant women, differently-abled persons or anyone who has recently visited some other countries should at least meet and discuss issues that may arise during their travel, with their physician or general practitioner.
The laws and customs of Nepal are obviously very different from most of the European or American countries. So clients are advised to be fully aware of their actions so that they do not intentionally offend the locals and their culture. It is the sole responsibility of the clients to research and get acquainted with the local laws, customs and traditions of their destination country before departure.

12. Stay updated with Terms and Conditions

The company reserves the right to regularly update, modify or amend the terms and conditions of booking procedure at their own will. We request all our clients who wish to book their trips with us to keep themselves updated for any changes in our terms and conditions. The .pdf version of the terms and conditions of Royal Holidays also can be found on the website www.holidaytravelpackage.com. These terms and conditions will be the actual terms which will be referred to for any disputes that may arise during the booking of a trip with the company or even during the actual trip.