Mountain Tours

Mountain tour in Nepal is an overwhelming journey to the landmark of snow-capped, misty mountains and dramatic summit of some of the most notable peaks in the world. This tour is among the most popular tour of Nepal, being the country of Himalayas that flaunts top mountains of the world. The splendid views of snow-clad mountains captivate every soul and sought breath-stopping experiences. The mountain tours are led by trekking in the lush green forest, off-the-beaten-path, rugged trails of the mountains, diverse landscapes and ever-flowing rivers that offers astounding views of the majestic mountains at the backdrop. The serenity and tranquility at the lap of the Himalayas is an experience second to none, and a pride in itself. From a tourism point of view, the Nepal Himalayas are indeed great sources of fascination as well as great challenges for a major portion of the tourists that have been attracted to Nepal over the years. The Great Himalayan Trail extending over several nations including Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India along with their grandeur and majestic attraction has always remained unique and distinct for a considerable long span of time.

Nepal, aptly nicknamed the country with several highest peaks in the world, has been irresistible to mountaineers and globe-trotters from around the world. This country is striving to boost mountain tourism owing to its richness in unique nature and unspoiled culture amidst a number of ethnic tribes in mountains and the Himalayan regions. Mountain tours designed by Royal Holidays lead its guests to make various attempts in reaching the top of the popular mountain peaks. Besides expeditions to conquer the summit, we also craft simple and easy trekking and peak-climbing spree at the mountain foothills and some noteworthy peaks like Mera, Island, Nirekha and Lobuche East.

Join Royal Holidays to experience the best mountain adventures with plenty of options to choose from. We cater to every single requirement ranging from a simple hike to moderate trekking and several challenging climbs and expeditions. We assure that we would leave no stones unturned to make the best memories of a lifetime.