Heli Tours in Nepal

Helicopter tours in Nepal are treasured and plush ways to explore the mountains within a short span of time. For visitors deprived of ample time to explore the Himalayan nation or those who wish to miss out walking, heli tours in Nepal will recompense them with overwhelming vistas of snow-capped Himalayan peaks, picturesque out-of-the-way villages and a plethora of panoramic landscapes. Flying above the luxuriant green hills and the high Himalayas provides unique experiences to scrutinize the natural beauty of Nepal. It is an elite prospect to laze around in the splendors of nature and experience the speckled travel destinations and perhaps every secreted valley of Nepal Himalayas in the solace of a helicopter. A standard heli tour begins early on a clear vivid morning and confers aerial views of medieval towns and cities huddled with patios, palaces and temples, lush forests, and awe-inspiring portrayal of the Himalayas and restful green valleys.

Heli Tour in Nepal is acquiring recognition and fame day by day as a surrogate means of adventure journey in the mountains as well as other far-flung destinations. Taking a heli tour over the Himalayas is a superlative adventure and a terrific trip especially for mountain aficionados to perceive the substantial Himalayan string. Flying parallel to the oversized peaks exudes a congenial feeling of being very close to the mountains. Some dazzling aerial trips in Nepal that could live up to your expectations are the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour, Muktinath visit, Annapurna region heli tours, Langtang Valley tour, Kanchenjunga helicopter tour, and Gosaikunda lake tour to name a few. Amongst all, the Everest Base Camp heli tour will leave an indelible inkling of an incredulous breakfast on the top of the world at the Everest View Hotel in Syangboche, which is the highest situated hotel in the world. It is a time-honored preference for mountain enthusiasts to embark on an exhilarating helicopter tour in Nepal who has less time to spend in Nepal but wish to examine such gargantuan Himalayan chain and a carnival of other grandiose soaring peaks.

Heli Tours in Nepal proffer an extensive array of tour programs apposite for all fascinated visitors for different intentions including pleasure holiday, return from trekking, practical reasons like technical or scientific research works, rescue and evacuation, or simply for a chopper experience. Families who plan to take a break and pursue a unique weekend holiday and easily arrive at the heart of the Himalayas get the utmost fulfilment from these helicopter tours in Nepal. Besides, these tours are also pertinent for elderly people who are unable to trek to the Himalayan realms on their own. As a matter of fact, heli tour can be the best pick for anybody seeking out to share a unique trip with a beloved one or with close friends. Embark on a scintillating heli ride to reach the remotest, extravagant and bizarre places of Nepal and achieve an exceptional experience of your lifetime that will stir up a sagacity of dignity in you. Get close to the glittering snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas on a stimulating journey and savor the exquisiteness of the aerial views of the mountainous periphery of Nepal.


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