Trekking & Hiking in Nepal

The term hiking has often been misinterpreted and deemed to be the same as trekking although there are a few major differences between the two. Americans mostly prefer to label it as hiking although most Asians and Europeans would term it as trekking. Trekking in Nepal is an out-of-the-ordinary escapade and truly an inimitable episode in the Asian territory, and perhaps one of the best on a global magnitude. The topography of the Nepalese Himalayas has oodles of dazzling trekking routes, so categorizing a particular destination to be the best trekking in Nepal is not a fair-minded deal and definitely not rational. The perception of classifying a trek on a personal front differs from one person to another – the best trekking package in Nepal for a person may not be as good to others. For trekkers and hikers, it is a matter of personal opinion to classify a specific trekking route in Nepal as the best trip based on their individual experiences. But in a nutshell, walking on invigorating trails traversing through astonishing alpine woodlands, circuitous rivers, far-flung clannish villages, blessed temples, flamboyant monasteries, symbolic valleys, gaping pasturelands and bountiful multi-hued prayer flags fluttering against the gusty wind provides the real taste of adventure on the Himalayan realms.

The most popular trekking routes in Nepal such as the Everest Base Camp Trek, the Annapurna Circuit Trek, the Manaslu Circuit Trek, the Langtang Valley Trek, the Upper Mustang Trek to name a few provides ample opportunities for trekking enthusiasts to plunge in the finest artistic perceptions of the native people and exhume the origin of the devout folklores staying alive at such faraway localities. No matter which trekking destination in Nepal one wishes to digress, they are guaranteed the best walking experience in the world.  Walking on any segment of the Himalayan territory vouches for the superlative splendor of nature, lofty snow-attired mountain peaks, gorgeous frozen lakes, tidal rivers, exceptional wildlife, elevated passes, profound gorges, imposing canyons, thriving trees, and luxuriant forests. Some esteemed experiences to carry back home from this Himalayan sojourn include rambling on rugged off-the-beaten trails, drinking yak-butter tea with the locals, tasting exotic cuisines of the mountains, witnessing traditional rituals, ceremonies, and festivals, and the unselfish smiles on the faces of the friendly Sherpas.

Discover bewildering Nepal, trek on its prodigious Himalayan expanses or embark on short hikes within Kathmandu valley and savour the ecstasy with our tactfully intended trekking itineraries in Nepal. Short and easy treks in Nepal gifts you with the most staggering countryside, implausible mountain sights, and a discerning cultural disclosure. Explore the Sherpa settlements, cherish the gleaming views of the world’s highest mountain peaks and endure the pomp of striding on the corridor navigated by celebrated mountaineers. Make up your mind and leave the rest to us. We are here with enticing above-average adventure options on remarkable trekking trails of Nepal!


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