7 Good Reasons To Do The Langtang Trek

Langtang trake

Langtang Trek follows a less crowded trekking trail though there is nothing less about the awe-inspiring beauty on the pleasant journey. This is a short trek which will normally take 6 to 9 days of walking journey. The major highlights include amazing mountain views, accommodating tea houses and beautiful natural scenery with the warm hospitality of the inhabitants. This easy trek in Nepal starts at Syabrubesi leading through various remote villages and lovely forests. Many parts of the Langtang trek have been affected by the unfortunate and massive earthquake of 2015, but it is difficult for Mother Nature to even keep these people away from redeveloping their homes and welcoming trekkers from around the globe for a heartwarming trekking spree. The following are the 7 good reasons to do the Langtang Trek:

1. Spectacular Mountain Vistas

A delightful walk through the rugged trekking trails in the Langtang valley provides mesmerizing views of the Himalayan peaks. These include Ganesh Himal (7422m), Manaslu (8163m), Annapurna (8091m), Gaurishanker (7134m), Dorje Lakpa (6966 m) and the most popular Langtang Lirung (7227m). Langtang Lirung falls under the category of ‘Top Hundred Mountain Peaks’ of the world although it is not an eight-thousander. Thus, it is a beautiful soaring peak impressing the trekkers all the way in the magnificent Langtang trek. The glorious Himalayan vistas are the major highlights of this trek. Along with the snow-capped peaks, the trek is also famous for its high passes including Ganja La and Tserko Ri. Additionally, trekkers get to see breathtaking views of Langshisha Ri (6427m) taking a day hike up to the upper Langtang valley.


2. Climbing Kyangjin Ri and Tserko Ri

These are two of the easiest peaks to climb in the Langtang region. Getting atop any of these peaks proffers glorious views of the surrounding peaks that include Langtang Lirung (7227m), Yubra (6246m), Changu (6251m), and the Langtang Lirung glacier. It takes about 3 to 5 hours to climb Kyangjin Ri (4773m) but it would take most of the day for Tserko Ri (4984m). Trekkers can also gain experience of easy climbing peaks in the Langtang valley trek. One can see beautiful prayer flags flapping against the wind at lower Kyangjin Ri, which is a heartwarming sight indeed. The journey then continues through steep trails while climbing up to the peak. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be traversing the astonishing landscapes in the Langtang valley trek.


3.   Authentic Local Food

Travelers savor the best trekking experience by tasting local exotic cuisines all the way on the Langtang trekking journey. One may definitely wish to taste the fresh yak curd which is available in almost every village above Ghoda Tabela on this trekking route in Nepal. At Kyangjin Gompa, trekkers can visit the local cheese factory to view the processing of local yak cheese and even taste some of those. The next specialty is sweet sea buckthorn juice that is enriched by vitamin C and other antioxidants. It is easily available for around NRs 200 per cup and highly beneficial as a nutritious drink to keep trekkers hydrated on a long walking journey. One can also visit the local Himalayan trout farms and buy a fresh fish for dinner in the teahouses.

4. Excellent Tea Houses and Friendly Locals

Standard teahouses are quite comfortable to accommodate trekkers on the amazing Langtang valley trek.  The regular ‘off-the-beaten-path’ leads to numerous beautiful villages all through the trail with teahouses or lodges at every stop. Trekkers get to enjoy the warm hospitality of the local inhabitants along with exotic delicacies. Unfortunately, many of the teahouses were shut down due to the devastating Gorkha Earthquake in 2015. The brave and restless people of Langtang region have risen up and reopened most of the teahouses providing basic facilities to the trekkers. Visitors can experience the warm stay after a long tiring journey in the cool and serene environment of the mountains. The rooms are tidy and on twin-sharing basis with clean mattresses. Bringing some chocolates and distributing to the children with innocent happy faces will certainly bring a warm smile of the face of every traveler.

5.  Beautiful Rhododendron Forests and off the beaten path

Embarking the Langtang Valley trek during March to June, which is the time when rhododendron flowers come into bloom, is the best season for trekking in Nepal. The national flower of the country, locally known as Laliguras, is one of the pleasant sights and attraction of this trek. These bright flowers grow at an elevation above 1500 meters in the hills and mountains. The view against white snow peaks is truly mesmerizing. Langtang Trek is one of the popular off-the-beaten-path treks in Nepal, in which trekkers traverse through rocky and rugged trails along green woods and rhododendron flowers blooming on the trees. The trek is less crowded, thus the peaceful walk exploring the hidden treasure of Langtang region makes it quite an alluring experience.

6.   Low-risk factors and financial concerns

The Langtang Valley trek is equally inviting to both the adventure enthusiasts and amateur trekkers. The trails are less slippery and walking involves in fewer high-altitude areas as compared to Everest and Annapurna. Thus Langtang trek is perfectly suitable for neophyte trekkers. For the adventure lovers, the trek has a lot of new sights and attractions to offer, which are quite different from other popular treks in Nepal. Low-risk factors include significantly fewer chances of altitude sickness or getting hit by a falling stone. The cost is also comparatively lower as it is nearer to the capital. Besides, one can contribute to the reconstruction and redevelopment of the Langtang region by investing a small amount of donation for the local people welfare funds.



7. Day hikes in Upper Langtang and exploring ancient Monastery in Kyangjin Gompa

It is all about trekking and trekkers will enjoy extending their fantastic trip with some additional day hikes in Upper Langtang region. Adventure lovers get to explore and discover the abandoned settlement at Numthang past the Langtang River. They are rewarded with spectacular views of the Langtang glacier and Mt. Langshisha Ri (6427m). Also, one may visit the ancient stone monastery in Kyangjin Ri. Regarded to be 400 hundred years old, its interior is richly decorated with Tibetan Buddhism paintings. This is one of the several monasteries dotted along the trails of the Langtang trek. Travelers can also see numerous multi-hued prayers flags fluttering, Tibetan styled houses, Chortens, and other religious artifacts.