Cultural & Historical Tours in Nepal

Cultural tours reveal the religion, language, and culture including the lifestyle of a particular country. These tours broaden ideas by providing opportunities to visit historical places, poised temples, and monuments along with the beautiful village inhabited by different tribes of people. Cultural tours in Nepal have far-reaching prospects to explore the diverse community of people with a harmonious blend of multiple cultures. Taking a cultural tour in the Kathmandu valley brings to light about Newari founders and similarly taking an ox-cart ride on a village tour in the Terai region is an amazing experience to witness the fascinating amalgamation of cultures firsthand. Cocooning 101 ethnicities and protecting every religion, beliefs, and practices is a noteworthy fortune to pander to the authentic cultural examinations and explore the diversities of Nepal. Visitors often look upon cultural tours in Nepal as a journey through open and live museum showcasing exceptionally prosperous cultural and religious heritage. At the same time, the never-ending natural panoramas and mesmerizing landscapes will blow every tourist’s mind away.

Exploration of alluring art and architectural places is another significant feature of a cultural tour. Nepali culture holds holy pilgrimage sites, UNESCO world heritage sites, and a wide variety of beauty. This tour covers Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Patan, Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, and several other places. A unique example of religious tolerance and understanding is explained the best by the co-existence of Hindus and Buddhist people harmoniously. The knack to capture a glimpse of a Buddhist monastery and a Hindu temple in one shot through your camera backs up as a witness to this.

Royal Holiday is dedicated to guaranteeing the most memorable cultural tour holidays in Nepal while making sure that you enjoy together a matchlessness of the tiny Himalayan country. Give us an opportunity to serve you and we will help you acquire priceless and unsurpassed insights into the diverse ethnic groups, traditions, and rituals, region and religious ceremonies and the social behavioral prototypes and lifestyles of the aboriginals. Experience the immeasurable cultural amusements of Nepal with us and add exhilaration to your holidays and get piously revitalized.


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