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Best Short Treks in Nepal

Rara Lake View

The Rara Lake Trek is a scenic adventure walk to the largest lake in Nepal

Nepal must surely be a god-gifted land with lots of scopes to lure travelers to visit the nation in flocks and swarms. The major reason for tourists who visit Nepal is for the spectacular trekking trails in the Himalayan realms. From amongst the numerous trekking packages in Nepal, not all of them are suitable for all travelers. However, there are multiple shorter duration treks that can be undertaken by people of all ages and all walks of life. The best short treks in Nepal are some of the most popular trekking holidays in some of the most remarkable locations in the country. It is a known fact that Nepal attracts thousands of visitors every year. It is also a proven fact that the majority of the visitors come and participate in either one or the other magnificent treks spread in the mountainous arena of the Himalayan territories.

Research analysts have come to a conclusion regarding the number one reason as to why trekking aficionados target Nepal. Trekking on the conventional routes has outnumbered any other reasons for visiting Nepal. Besides, a large cluster of travelers come to indulge themselves in some of the best short treks in Nepal. Here below, we have mentioned some of the most popular trekking destinations that are of shorter duration. These marvelous short treks in Nepal offer an extensive range of preferences to its travelers. The options include difficulty level, number of trekking days, the remoteness of the destination, travel season, travel type – group or solo, and finally, the most important one is the amount of money willing to spend.

Best Short Treks in Nepal List 2021/2022

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