Jungle and wildlife tours

Jungle and wildlife tours are all about immersing in the wilderness of nature, drenching with wildlife to sate oneself. It offers an opportunity to get closely acquainted with nature and wildlife, dwelling in the ambiance of wildlife and sharing the grandeur of nature. Jungle safaris are adventure sports into the wilderness complemented by elephant ride or jeep safaris accompanied by expert naturalists to closely observe the natural beauty of the exotic forests. These tours are designed to take you closer to nature where you can witness wild endangered species of animals, birds and the natural beauty. Wildlife tours in Nepal are ideal for every nature enthusiast seeking diverse experiences with glimpses of natural magnificence and a moment of spiritual tranquility. Bird watching excursions, nature walks, canoe rides on the jungle rivers, quick tours around the villages and scheduled cultural musical episodes to urge you to discover the unique culture and traditions of the indigenous village people.

With Royal Holidays, you get to get closer to nature. We are dedicated to taking you to the heart of nature. From the one-horned rhinoceros silhouetted against the Chitawan sunset to countless species of birds chirping in the treetops, spotting wildlife in the National Reserve is a thrilling way to spend your time. For a truly wild experience, we make sure that you stay in a range of accommodation, from safari lodges to wilderness camps in accompaniment of expert local guides. We are flexible to your choice of customizing your wildlife tour with different activities that can include trekking or rafting adventures. Give us an opportunity to serve you as your guide to the sub-tropical jungles of Chitawan or Bardiya National Park and we will guarantee you a thrill of a lifetime.

With a total of 9 national parks, 3 wildlife reserves, 6 conservation areas, and hunting reserve, Nepal has a good balanced mixture of grassland and visitors get an opportunity to see most of the great varieties of wildlife. Royal Holidays takes pleasure to take you to the national parks to witness the wild animals at its habitat and immerse in other exotic adventure activities in the Himalayas. Remember us – we are just a call away!