Event and Festival Tours

Event and Festival tours fall under leisure travel that lets you celebrate the most colorful festivals, and when it is festive season, you can get the best out of this tour. This tour is designed to allow you to indulge in the vibrant culture and tradition of local people of Nepal. The festivals and events in Nepal are not confined to just celebrating; it is connected to music and dance, art and craft, language and literature, and food and drinks. Indigenous people of Nepal and their rich culture have a lot to pique you. Predominantly, Nepal being a Hindu as well as a Buddhist nation, most of the festivals are celebrated with great pomp and show. Dashain and Tihar are the most celebrated festivals of Nepal that fall during late September to mid of October. The warm welcome and hospitality of Nepali community is the prime factor of attraction to every traveling soul who wants to savor the culture and tradition of Nepal.

Celebrating some of the world’s most vivid festivals and partaking in events is a way to submerge into the culture and tradition of this Himalayan nation. There are no better supplementary approaches to experience the rich cultural heritage of a destination than by adhering to one of its vivacious festivals. While the national festivals have predetermined dates, religious and cultural festivals are decided by astrologers abiding by the lunar calendar. Royal Holidays have conceived holiday packages that include major festivals which can be craftily combined with other tours and treks in Nepal. We are ready to mix and combine event and festival tours along with some of the prominent tours or treks so that our guests get the privilege to celebrate the festivals even in the mountains along with the local community. The best part about the festivals in Nepal is that all the events are celebrated with the same fervor and in outsized numbers in a similar fashion that used to be hundreds of years ago.

We, at Royal Holidays, offer a wide selection of destinations in Nepal, custom designed itineraries to go well with every taste and budget. Wouldn’t you enjoy the idea of festival and event holidays with all the colors and energy to engross yourself in cultural depths? Join us to indulge in a tremendous way and meet local people on their terms and celebrate with them in a miscellaneous assortment of places, fly kites, play drums, go on a pilgrimage or sing and dance along. We help you weave memories by engaging all your senses within the periphery and oddities of distinctive cultures.